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We are not giving up!

The project in building professional trainings for the children is moving forward, but with some adjustments


• We are now consolidating our partnerships with a local farm, an agro business and an environmental NGO. Visiting these small businesses led by inspiring personalities lifts the students' spirits and inspires them to realise that it is possible to fight and achieve something, however small, in Congo.

• The association is also able - thanks to your support - to organise in-house training of 2 girls; one in management, one in hotel and restaurant studies.

• A Physiotherapist has accepted to train another girl, Mareka (the one singing in the campaign video) to practice his profession whilst the association has used the funds received to buy all the theory papers required for her to study.

Competency certificates and vocational training diplomas are still being discussed with the local authorities. With the caring support of all the school staff and members of the association CEP, the children are working hard and they are still happy... and safe.

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